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Our Leadership

Jim Borrebach

Jim Borrebach, P.E., L.S.P.


Jim has over thirty-eight years of professional experience in civil and environmental engineering and science. His expertise includes: environmental site assessments; hazardous waste site investigations; site remediation and cleanup design, permitting and installation; environmental monitoring and management of Underground Storage Tank removals; hydrogeologic investigations and permit filings under numerous state and local development and environmental statutes. His expertise also includes: engineering site design for residential, commercial and industrial projects, storm water control system evaluation and design, design of retaining walls, sewer systems and water supply systems. He is a Licensed Site Professional in Massachusetts, and a registered Professional Engineer in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Vermont. His experience includes projects completed for drycleaning, metal plating, cable manufacturing, retail gasoline and auto sales, residential and commercial developments, and emergency releases at residential, commercial and industrial properties, among many others.

Outside of the office Jim enjoys travelling, fishing, and photography. His photographs have been accepted into numerous juried art shows, and he has won Committee’s Choice Award at the Plymouth Art Center, and the People’s Choice award at the Norfolk Cultural Council annual art show.

Brian Snow

Brian G. Snow, P.G., L.S.P., L.E.P.

Senior Project Manager

Brian has over twenty-eight years of professional experience in environmental engineering and science. His expertise includes: site investigation, bedrock investigations, drinking water treatment, construction support and permitting, remedial design, remediation system construction, operation and decommissioning, property assessments, indoor air investigations, litigation support, insurance support, cost assessment, lifecycle costing, compliance assistance, reimbursement support, risk assessment, and most important regulatory closure. He has designed and implemented site clean ups involving: excavation of contaminated soil; soil vapor extraction; on-site soil treatment using thermal desorption, asphalt encapsulation, and bioremediation; groundwater pump and treat systems; in-situ chemical oxidation, and dual phase extraction. 

Brian served for many years as a member of the Medway Conservation Commission. Outside the office, he enjoys skiing and other outdoor activities.

Lyons Witten

Lyons Witten, PG, LSP

Regional Manager / Hydrogeologist

Lyons has over thirty-four years of professional experience in groundwater- and hazardous waste-related projects. His expertise includes: Phase I and II hazardous waste site investigations; management of Underground Storage Tank removals; site remediation including remedial system design, permitting, and installation; and permit filings under numerous state environmental statutes. He has overseen hundreds of assessment and remediation projects that included in-situ chemical oxidation, pump and treat, vapor extraction, excavation, metals-stabilization, and bioremediation remedies. He has particular experience for both public and private clients that involve the interaction of water supply wells and hazardous waste sites.

Lyons has completed water supply projects that involved field investigation and permitting for new and expanded water supply sources, pump tests, computer modeling of small-scale and town-wide aquifer systems, and site-specific mapping of aquifer materials for various permitting needs. His expertise in this area lies in field testing, permitting, and computer modeling for both Zone II delineation and septic mounding analyses.

Mr. Witten has served on a Planning Board, been a Town Meeting Member, and has been chair of his local Water Supply Protection Committee for the last 12 years yielding extensive experience in coordinating, attending and presenting at public meetings and hearings.

Doug Morrison

Douglas C. Morrison

Senior Project Manager

Doug has over thirty-nine years of experience on environmental engineering and construction/remediation projects throughout the continental United States. At OHI, he is responsible for the coordination and management of on-site project operations for our projects including assessment, field sampling investigations, remedial implementation and construction, and regulatory reporting. His project experience includes assessment and geotechnical/construction management for major pipeline utilities, power plants, commercial, industrial and private petroleum-related spills and releases, including bulk fuel oil storage facilities, dry-cleaning operations and retail gasoline stations. 

Outside of the office, Doug is a nationally-known builder of classic BMW motorcycles, and has won many awards for road, off-road, and trail riding.

Scott Rolfe

Scott L. Rolfe

Engineering Operations Manager

Scott has been working in the land surveying and civil engineering field over 50 years. Having attended classes with MALSCE, Wentworth Institute of Technology, Northeastern University, Boston Architectural Center and Harvard Graduate School of Design, pertaining to survey mathematics, engineering graphics, landscape design and computer operation, Scott has applied his knowledge and experience within the architectural, surveying, civil engineering and land planning fields.

The early days found Scott working the field as a rodman and survey crew chief, along with corresponding drafting responsibilities. He maintained ownership of a land development services company and has functioned as a director of operations, office manager and senior project manager with a perseverant focus on client relationship.

Scott offers the benefits of his experience as associated with all aspects of planning, design, permitting and client representation within numerous municipalities, and carries extensive cognizance relating to residential, commercial, municipal and industrial development.

Scott believes his most valuable asset is his fervent desire to establish and maintain his client relationships through accessibility and communication, realizing that as an ostensible development partner, maintaining an awareness among the development team is paramount in the success and expedience of the development process.

In his off-time, Scott is an avid fly fisherman.