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Brigham Hill Residential Subdivision
Phase IV, Attleboro, MA


  • Tasked with the design and permitting of an 18-lot single-family residential subdivision on an existing 12-acre parcel, being phase IV of a five-phase development.
  • Members of OHI staff have been intimately involved with the design and permitting of the previous four phases.
  • Coordinated with municipality and peer review engineer to utilize portions of the existing stormwater facilities from previous subdivision phases.
  • Worked with the Client to achieve all requested goals.


  • Design and permitting of an eighteen-lot single-family residential subdivision, using the available land area to yield the maximum development potential.
  • Graded roadway and individual lots in coordination with water table and soil testing for individual on-site sanitary disposal systems.
  • Worked with Client and Attorneys to review submission materials and strategize presentation options.
  • Sought and received waivers related to underground utilities and sidewalks.
  • Attended and presented at all municipal public hearings and workshops with peer review engineers.
  • Worked with Planning Board and peer review engineer through the permitting process to achieve full approvals.
  • Coordinated with Client, utility and curbing companies with the preparation of their respective products and their installation.
  • Provided electronic data for accurate layout and grading survey.