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Diesel Fuel Spill
Truck Accident


  • Assessment and Remediation of release of 100-gallons of diesel fuel from ruptured saddle tank due to accident.
  • Release occurred to surface water body and required placement of absorbent booms, and remediation of stream bed.
  • Stream bed remediation was conducted after consultation and permitting with local Conservation Commission.
  • Distrubed area was revegetated in accordance with Massachusetts Department of Transportation requirements.
  • Affected area extended onto private property which was in process of being sold. Coordinated with owner and buyer to ensure environmental issues were resolved and did not affect financing.


  • Licensed Site Professional (LSP) services to maintain compliance with the Massachusetts Contingency Plan.
  • Design, implementation, and observation of remedial program including soil excavation, placement of absorbent booms, remediation of stream bed and revegetation of distrubed areas. Obtained Conservation Commission approval for work in regulated wetland.
  • Prepared and submitted regulatory reports to MassDEP including Class A-1 Response Action Outcome (RAO) indicating that the release had been remediated to background conditions.