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Environmental Remediation
In Situ Chemical Oxidation


  • OHI has designed and implemented In-Situ Chemical Oxidation remediation programs at numerous releases of chlorinated solvents and petroleum.
  • Facilities include dry cleaners with releases of Tetrachloroethene, metal working facilities with releases of Trichloroethene, and service stations with releases of gasoline, diesel fuel and fuel oil.
  • Oxidants have included persulfates, permanganates, hydrogen peroxide, and proprietary formulations.
  • Injections conducted near potential sensitive receptors including daycares, schools, and residences requiring on-site monitoring of subsurface temperatures, sub-slab soil gas, and indoor air.


  • Design and permitting of injection program.
  • Bench scale tests and full scale pilot tests.
  • Injection well design and installation oversight and management.
  • Design and oversight of field injections activities.
  • Monitoring and reporting to maintain regulatory compliance.