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Industrial Chemical Release
Southeastern Massachusetts


  • Sudden release of 4,000 gallons of ferric chloride used forpH adjustment at a wastewater treatment plant.
  • Release occurred during major rainfall event, which caused significant dispersal into the plant’s stormwater control system to a detention pond and into adkacent wetlands.
  • Subsequent freezing temperatures added significant difficulty to response efforts.
  • Pavement, structures, and other infrastructure were affected by the very acidic liquid (pH<1).
  • Over 250 cubic yards of impacted soil and 300,000 gallons of impacted surface water were removed, treated and appropriately disposed.
  • The area was neutralized using hydrated lime. Approximately 2,000 gallons of hydrated lime were required to stabilize the ferric chloride.
  • The detention basin required significant remediation complicating stormwater management during remediation efforts.


  • Licensed Site Professional (LSP) services to maintain compliance with the Massachusetts Contingency Plan.
  • Coordination with Federal, State, and Local Regulatory officials during and after initial emergency response actions.
  • Preparation of regulatory filings submitted to the MassDEP and local Conservation Commission.
  • Design, implementation, and oversight of remedial measures to collect, treat, and stabilize the area affected by the release.
  • Long-term monitoring to ensure that the environment had been restored to pre-release conditions and preparation of a Class A-1 Response Action Outcome (RAO) Statement.