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Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessments


  • Standard property transaction due diligence Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessment.
  • Completed background research, records review, and site inspection, then proposed a site-specific subsurface investigation focused on potential environmental concerns.
  • This property had been a car dealership from 1928 through the 1960s, then a truck repair facility until 1993, and then a machine shop through to the present.
  • Environmental records indicated three historic petroleum USTs were installed in 1963. Fire department records indicated two USTs were removed in 1986.
  • Four heating oil ASTs were active and present in the current building.
  • Petroleum-impacted soil was discovered behind the building.


  • Preparation of ASTM Phase I-II Environmental Site Assessment Report for bank financing.
  • Coordination of subcontracted drilling personnel for monitoring well installation.
  • Preparation of Bill-of-Lading for petroleum-impacted soil transport to recycling facility.
  • On-Site LSP supervision and confirmatory soil sample collection for Immediate Response Action petroleum-impacted soil excavation.
  • Preparation and filing of IRA Completion and Permanent Solution site closure documentation with MassDEP.