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Residential Redevelopment of Former Apple Orchard
Central Massachusetts


  • Assessment and Remediation of former disposal pit contaminated with petroleum, metals, Lead Arsenate, and DDT pesticide mixing area at former apple orchard.
  • Disposal pit soils to be excavated had high levels of lead, which were stabilized on-site to avoid classifying the excavate as hazardous materials saving $100,000+ in disposal fees.
  • Disposal pit area was part of residential subdivision and final conditions were required to meet unrestricted residential use criteria.
  • Pesticide mixing area had extremely high levels of pesticides requiring all remediation work to be conducted in Level C personal protective equipment.
  • Approximately 150 tons of soil was excavated from the pesticide mixing area and, due to high pesticide concentrations, was transported to Quebec, Canada for disposal.


  • Licensed Site Professional (LSP) services to maintain compliance with the Massachusetts Contingency Plan.
  • Coordination with State and Local Regulatory officials.
  • Design, implementation, and observation of remedial program including lead stabilization. Served as General Contractor for all assessment, remediation, laboratory, and compliance.
  • Prepared and submitted regulatory reports to MassDEP including Class A-2 Response Action Outcome (RAO) for proposed residential redevelopment of former disposal pit area.
  • Coordinated with client and MassDEP during audit of former disposal pit Class A-2 RAO. MassDEP audit determined response actions conducted by OHI fully complied with the Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP).